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Beach time is here! This weekend I`m doing nothing but lounging at Miami Beach. It`s been in the plans for months…that in mid June I would spoil myself with new sunglasses, sandals, bikini and most importantly, a new stunning beach bag, and park myself in the sand to watch the people go by, the waves come in, and the hot sun go across the sky. Well, the time has come, no doubt about it. To the beach!

Don`t worry, I was thinking about you all too when I was researching for my new beach bag! I`ve been on the case since spring, looking for the best bets for this Summer`s sunshine chills. Here are the best of the best:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Straw Tote

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Straw Tote

Wow. Greet the sun with a yellow glow of your own. This Marc Jacobs creation is like a little effigy of summer, in warm, glowing yellow straw and leather. I love the wow factor of this bag. Do it best with a neutral tone one-piece or bikini, some classic shades and some straw or cork sandals.

Louis Vuitton Tuareg Blue

Louis vuitton replica handbag

This is a great choice for those toting more around, like mothers or those among us who can`t help but bring forty things with us to the beach. (You know who you are!) I like it in blue detail, but this LV collection, as many of you know is available in various different shades. This one is also available in replica FYI, and you can get it right here

Ralph Lauren Natural Straw Basket

ralph lauren natural straw basket

It`s not so often I suggest a Ralph Lauren bag, as they`re often sort of neither here nor there in my opinion – for simple things though, they`re lovely. This is a great example. What a fresh and airy tote this is. I love the natural straw tone, and the sort of yacht trip kind of style of this bag. It`s chic without being smarmy.

Bottega Veneta Woven Ostrich Tote

replica handbag

This is a bit more of a color stretch. A plum tote could be a lot to handle, but I think it`s just fabulous. It just takes a little more preplanning in terms of coordination. This is simply stunning weaved ostrich leather. The detailing is spectacular, and this one is also available in a lovely replica.

Valentino Landscapes Bow Tote

valentino landscapes bow tote

Here`s one for the daring darlings out there. Bored of my other choices? Try this Valentino number out. Wow! The bow detail is naughty vinyl on a shiny cotton exterior. This is a risk, sure, but most of all it`s just fun! What more do you want from a beach bag? I`d love to see some ladies rocking this one at the beach.

So, you know where to find me this weekend. I`ll be lounging at Miami Beach…I`ll be the one with a Marc Jacobs on one arm, and the Ralph Lauren on the other! Which bag will you be wearing on your beach getaway?

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