Louis Vuitton Icons: The Noé


Some bags seem destined for stardom. Though they are our ordinary, everyday companions, there is absolutely nothing ordinary or everyday about them. These bags have style – and more than style. A spirit. Perhaps even a soul.

Some have an illustrious past. They have accompanied the twists and turns of history, elegantly outlasted the vagaries of time and trends. Others have written their own success story, achieving cult status almost overnight.

All have a sense of identity so strong that – while they may adopt different sizes, colours or materials – their essence remains unchanged. These bags are individuals. It is only natural, therefore, that we should know them by their name.

SpeedyAlmaNeverfullSaumurLouis Vuitton presents its icons. The Noé

Noe Louis Vuitton Icons: The NoéPetit Noé in white Monogram Multicolor canvas, encre Monogram Idylle canvas, tricolor menthe/piment/indigo Epi leather, tricolor figue/fuchsia/indigo Epi leather

Back in 1932, a champagne producer asked Gaston-Louis Vuitton to design a bag that could transport five bottles of champagne in style. His response was the Noé: a timelessly simple, pleated shape, supple and spacious, closed with a distinctive leather drawstring. In the intervening decades, the Noé has carried countless treasures in addition to champagne. Its intriguing name, however, still bears the secret of its origins: after the Flood, when Noah left the Ark, he planted vines. A discreet tribute to the instigator of an icon.

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