Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2015 Series 3 Ad Campaign

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“Series 3” continues the visual exploration begun by Nicolas Ghesquière.

This third campaign brings together the photographic perspectives of Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.

Together they focus closely on the diverse range of women that Nicolas Ghesquière has chosen to define the Louis Vuitton ideal. Actresses, established models and new faces, representing diverse ages and different nationalities, who speak equally to him.

Juergen Teller shot Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Connelly, Liya Kebede, Fernanda Ly and Angel Rutledge near Barcelona at a sculptor’s utopian home which was built over a lifetime. The location reflects Nicolas’ passionate interest in modernist architecture.

Bruce Weber shot Freja Beha, Rianne van Rompaey and Julia Merkelbach at an old airfield on black and white film. The suggestion of travel and abstract graphics creates a cinematic narrative.

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Upon the release of this new campaign, Louis Vuitton is proud to announce that Swedish actress Alicia Vikander is the Maison’s new muse. In this role, she joins the Maison’s two other heroines, Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Williams.

At the age of 26, Alicia has already worked with some of cinema’s leading filmmakers and actors, having starred opposite Jude Law in Anna Karenina, then Mads Mikkelsen in the Academy Award- nominated A Royal Affair, she will feature in no less than eight movies in 2015, including the US cult hit Ex Machina, Guy Ritchie’s next film The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with Henry Cavill, The Danish Girl opposite Eddie Redmayne, Tulip Fever opposite Christoph Waltz and Judie Dench, and The Light Between Oceans opposite Michael Fassbender and directed by Derek Cianfrance.

The advertising campaign for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection will debut in the August issue of fashion magazines worldwide and will be accompanied by two videos also shot by the photographers. These videos will be available online and on the Louis Vuitton Pass.

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Louis Vuitton News

Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection is a range of uniquely “foldable” and travel-ready furniture and accessories. According to the brand’s website, this collection pays tribute to past commissioned items such as the Bed Trunk and Wardrobe Trunk. The theme of a travel-ready lifestyle is given a more contemporary touch with this collection.

Among these coveted items is a new design by Marcel Wanders; a Lounge Chair which Wanders calls “an unfolding and portable oasis for relaxation. The three individual modules fit into each other like a puzzle, yet when laid out create three distinct solutions – a chaise longue, armchair or pouffe.”
The three sections of the chair can be placed one inside the other for travelling or be strapped together to make a stylish seat. The chair is available in tan and turquoise leather with the latter being inspired by the architecture of Miami.
The Objets Nomades collection which was first presented at Design Miami in 2012, now consists of 17 items created from premium materials, featuring innovating design concepts. An exhibition of the Objets Nomades collection will take place in the Louis Vuitton Miami Design District store from December 3rd 2015 to February 10th 2016. The items will also be available for purchase beginning from December 3.

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Once known for little more than simple but elegant travelling trunks, Louis Vuitton has come a long way. However the brand has never forgotten its roots and we see new iterations of the classic that put this brand on the map. Celebrating this legacy is exactly what the brand continues to do in their exhibition titled “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton.”

Housed at Paris’ Grand Palais, the exhibition is a visual history documenting over 160 years of LV’s history. Curated by Olivier Saillard, the exhibit is comprised of nine chapters created by Robert Carsen and begins in 1906 with an antique malle. Chapter 1 also includes objects and documents borrowed from the Palais Galliera and the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris. A later chapter willexplore the role of travel and lay emphasis on transportation like steamer trains, yachts and cars. Fine writing, fashion and beauty, art and special orders will also form part of the exhibition.

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Throughout the exhibition, visitors will see how older designs and models have inspired modern LV creations.

“Louis Vuitton has always been at the avant-garde of creation,” said Michael Burke, CEO of Louis Vuitton, “More than a century after, if Louis Vuitton remains at the helm of fashion, it’s because we continuously inspire ourselves from the past while anticipating trends of our times. For this exhibition, Olivier Saillard has immersed himself in the archives of our Maison to decode its secrets. He delivers a fresh vision of our past, present and future.”

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Louis Vuitton needs no introduction when it comes to luxury goods but did you know that since 1998; the French fashion house has lent its touch to the travel sector as well by publishing City Guides. Now considering its Louis Vuitton you can expect a carefully curated selection of addresses hand-picked with freshness and possibly some bias.
louis vuitton 1
If you happen to vacation around Bangkok, Chicago, Prague or Rome, Louis Vuitton’s recently curated City Guides may just be a necessity! Fully restructured, the Paris volume entails new addresses, as are London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Beijing, São Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo and Venice.

For our tech-obsessed readers, we must tell you that a mobile App is now available to match the compilation of City Guides. We hear they are easy to use and in one click you’ll be quite well-informed! The new-fangled app will also offer instant updates on hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, tea rooms, stores, spas, antique shops, designers, museums, galleries. Of course, headings are the same as in the original books, so the traveller can find the essence of the City Guides in this touch-screenversion, with a special place for personal experience, snapshots of city life, detailed descriptions of places to go and a genuinely personalized approach to each city using interactive links and localisation.

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It’s only fitting that the French luxury goods company crafts an accompaniment; and hence Louis Vuitton has produced a small leather case with the Monogram pattern, designed to protect your iPad and iPhone. Inspired by colours of the city collection, the new cases are available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; blue for Paris, yellow for Rome, red for Beijing and pink for Tokyo.

The Louis Vuitton City Guide has fashioned an extraordinary limited edition box set. A beautiful lacquered wood case entails a collection of 15 world cities featured this year. Exclusively available at Louis Vuitton stores of course.

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Over here, ladies! We’ll be moving on to Part 2 of our feature on Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Runway Bag Collection, where you can find bags, bags and more bags you’ll surely want to have. For Part 1, you can check out the link below.

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The classic House trunk from the 1800s has been zapped into a smaller, more compact version in the form of the Petite Malle Bag. We don’t blame Nicolas Ghesquière for being so upfront about his love for the brand’s classic pieces (and his desire to have them recreated). And in this collection, there’s an array of designs and canvasses (and skins, and…) to choose from! Timeless, indeed. Do you have a favorite among these pieces?




Malletage bags are pieces that don’t need any introduction. They speak for themselves, see?






More pieces for your consideration…well, it’s hard to choose.

What do you think about the collection as a whole? Are there any pieces that caught your fancy? Comment now and tell us all about it!

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore: The End Of An Era?

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Widely reported online with the same fervour as the coming of the apocalypse was news that broke on WWD that Louis Vuitton was discontinuing theMonogram Multicolore collection, one of the last vestiges of the previous creative director Marc Jacobs that came about as part of a collaboration with celebrated artist Takashi Murakami.

Available in two colours (or rather, two different base colours decorated with Vuitton’s signature monogram in every colour under the rainbow and then some), it’s a print that’s brash, fun and loud, and some have speculated that given current creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s new aesthetic for the luxury house, this print might also have been too much for his taste.

Slated to be gone by end July, I did some checking of my own (and by checking, I mean
mean it’s 50% from sources who can’t be named and 50% from my plastic snow globe aka the crystal ball) and have come up with a slightly different ending. Whilst it is true that the Monogram Multicolore line will no longer be available in Europe or the US, the collection will still be made available to the rest of us in Asia.

In other words, you’ll still find the bags and the SLGs like the Sarah Wallet (SGD1210) and Zippy Wallet (SGD1290, shown above) in the interim and until the luxury house decides otherwise. Because in fashion, nothing does actually last forever, so consider this your second chance.

Now excuse me, I need to go hunt down the Monogram Multicolore Zippy Coin Purse in
Black before it’s really, really gone.

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