2014 LV Haute Maroquinerie, A Newly Louis Vuitton Bag Well Made In Luxury Materials

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France Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton have had been launched many of classic and timeless collection since it is have more than a century history. No matter for the Alma, Speedy or Neverfull model, Louis Vuitton created one after another fashion myths. In the year of 2014, the New Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie Collection which include 5 different models like Lockit, Noé, Triangle, Neo Steamer and Milaris.

And the one of special character about new haute Maroquinerie LV collection is they available Customs service which you can print your name in the side of the handbag. And containing all the leather samples, locks and finishes in many colors, made in luxury materials which include 8 kinds of fine leathers ranging from the supple, the firm and exotic, plus a total of 27 colors to choose from. New LV Haute Maroquinerie 2014 Collection is the best handbag which made in finest leather and you also can buy more classic lv bags 2014 at louisvuittonline.cc for free shipping!

Louis-Vuitton-Haute-Maroquinerie-Collection 2014 LV Haute Maroquinerie, A Newly Louis Vuitton Bag Well Made In Luxury Materials2014 LV Haute Maroquinerie, A Newly Louis Vuitton Bag Well Made In Luxury Materials2014 LV Haute Maroquinerie, A Newly Louis Vuitton Bag Well Made In Luxury Materials2014 LV Haute Maroquinerie, A Newly Louis Vuitton Bag Well Made In Luxury Materials five style lv haute Maroquinerie collection

five style lv haute Maroquinerie collection

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2014 Fall Tokyo Fashion Week Preview

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Fashion always in advance, even thought the Summer season is upcoming, but at Tokyo Fashion week, we still find many of stylish and most popular outfits for Fall 2014. Since Tokyo Fashion week is collected the latest fashion and a very remarkable which also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion weekend in Tokyo or Japan Fashion Week. Here, we take few images which show in the fashion week share online.

As the pics show, we will find there are two style force at the ceremony: pretty sweet vs. haute goth. Designer Diane von Fustenberg international bring us a huge collection of fashion for Fall and Winter of 2014 and 2015. Some of the collection is really very charming and awesome bring girls in a fashion look. Take a view of those outfit for Fall 2014 Fashion trend and cop a great LV Bags 2014 to match it at louisvuittonline.cc!

Tokyo-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-Sretsis-CollectionTokyo-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-Process-By-Hall-Ohara-CollectionTokyo-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-Jotaro-Saito-CollectionTokyo-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-Johan-Ku-Collection Tokyo-Fashion-Week-Fall-2014-Fahrenheit-Collection

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Michelle Williams’ 2014 Spring/Summer LV Campaign | Buy Real LV Capucines For Cheap

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1 Michelle-Williams-with-Pink-Lockit-Bag- 6Last year, for Louis Vuitton Capucines handbags, Michelle Williams also perfect deduce the charming
and fashion lv handbags, and in the 2014 Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton Campaign, let us know expect how does Michelle annotation the latest fashion and great Louis Vuitton handbag.

This is her second advertising campaign for the brand of Loui Vuitton 2014 Spring City Bags. There are include there different model handbags, the new version of the Lockit bag, Capucines tote and Alma bag.

This series of new LV 2014 Spring/Summer ads were shot by German Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and styled by Carine Roitfeld. And newly Louis Vuitton Lockit bag will be available for sale on July 2014. Buy now, at louisvuittonline.cc, latest new Capucines Lv bag and Alma LV bags for 2014 Spring/Summer in bright colorway will be available for sale for discount price, free shipping!

Louis Vuitton Capucines Handbags Cheap Sale

DEI 440x285 MW-CBW2 INTL_a


2014 Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton Lockit Handbags


Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Cheap Sale


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Top 5 Model Handbags Fashion Trends Fall 2014

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For any brand which has been launched their new product in the four major Fashion Week, handbags will be the best way for them to establish business relationship with their customers. Since no matter any materials, nylon, leather or canvas, after more than 20 years luxury brand marketing stratedy, handbags has been become the luxury steeping stone for every woman. Every year, every luxury brand are scrambling to launch their new handbag and look forward to at least one of which become the “IT Bag”. Here, we take a list of top 5 model handbags fashion tend for Fall/winter 2014 Below. Take a view and you also can shop latest new lv bags 2014 for cheapat louisvuittonline.cc.

1. Long Clutch Bag

Long Clutch Bag

Fashionable and stylish Clutch bag has been become very popular in any show or activitly and same as this season. But there is just a little different for the size, long clutch bag seems more popular this year. There are many of carry way, no matter for any way to carry your clutch bag, they also bring you a charming look in the red carpet.

2. Soft Clutch Bag

Soft Clutch Bag

Soft materials also make people like to touch, made in soft and comfortable materials, from Carven to Viktor Rolf, soft material makes the bag easy grasping, folding and squeezing pressure to highlighting the unusual texture.

3. Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Trust every women at least have one fashionable shopping bag in their clutch. And 2014 Fall/Winter Shopping bag has been made improvements by designers to make them unique.

4. Oversized Tote Bag

 Oversized Tote Bag

For those tall girls, a oversized tote bag always a perfect choice for travel. In 2014 Fall/Winter handbag fashion trend, Designers show offs some unusual bags bring some of new design.

5. Fashion Digital Package

 Fashion Digital Package

Digital accessories are 2014 winter very popular and hot products, especial for those young people.

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Nicky Hilton Pulls a Seasons-Old Louis Vuitton Bag Out of Her Closet

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Nicky Hilton Louis Vuitton Trompe L'oeil Trocadero Bag

Here’s Nicky Hilton, headed to lunch at The Smile in downtown Manhattan, carrying a Louis Vuitton Trompe L’oeil Trocadero Bag, which, according to our research, seems to date all the way back to Fall 2006. I’d like to think she pulled this one out of the archives just for us. In any case, this Trocadero looks great with her simple little black dress and eye-popping animal print sandals.

Nicky has two truly splendid editions of “The Many Bags” (which you can view here and here), but I don’t think we saw this particular Louis Vuitton bag in either one of them. Which begs the question: is Nicky holding out on us?! Oh, what we wouldn’t do in exchange for a full guided tour of her handbag stash. (Are you listening, Nicky? Let’s make this happen.)

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Shop 2014 Spring/Summer Beautiful Long Dress In A Romantic femininity

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shop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressBeautiful and stylish Long Dress always work a very large proportion for woman’s wardrobe, especially in the Spring/Summer time. A charming Long dress not only bring you a exudes charm, it is also a great choice a sweetie dating with your boyfriend, or a liftlike outfit for a vacation. Here, we take a list of charming long dress for upcoming Spring/Summer 2014, enjoy it!

How can you said it is a completely fashion wardrobe if there isn’t a piece of slim fit long dress? In 2014 Spring Long Dress Collection, we will find there is a elegant dress design the lace-up located above the waist make you looks more slender. And the Beige colorway design with half a perspective effect in a elegant view. If you want to choose a unique and stylish business dress wear, then this ETRO flow print long dress will be your great choice.

Take a view of those New 2014 Long Dress and if you want to search a great handbag to match it, louisvuittonline.cc available large number colorful and newest lv bags cheap sale for free shipping!

Shop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long Dress

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